meet the children meet the children Meet Tristan Mikkelson Tristan has been challenged with diabetes. Just recently, he had such a low blood sugar that he thought he was going to die. Tristan layed in his mother's arms and said Mom, I want God to take me, I don't want to do this anymore. Well, God did not take him, he has a mission and is an excellent runner , photographer and painter. He helps organize school walks for diabetes and raises lot of money to help find a cure. Way to go Tristan, you are a superhero that perseveres... When asked what would bring him joy, golf clubs as he enjoys golf, new running shoes as he loves running... no, Tristan only wanted a weekend with his beautiful family enjoying Seattle and the Museum of Flight. What a simply request and yes, we did fulfil it. This summer Tristan went to Mexico with his youth group to help out with an orphanage. What a way to use your life to help others. Thanks Tristan for being such a great role model for others!!! 84859395 Meet Nathan Skinner A bright ray of sunshine in many peoples lives. Nathan Skinner has been challenged with autism and is enjoying his very own playroom at home, linked to the Son Rise Program on the east coast. He is communicating more and is opening his heart to say I Love You to many who work with him. Every child has a purpose and Nathan reminds us that we should always keep an open heart and let go of our judgements and become like a child to enter their world with full love, respect and acceptance. Every child needs to feel empowered, every child needs a deep sense of love. Thank you Nathan for the rays of sunshine to overcome the darkness in this world. 84859396 Meet Kodie Smith Kodie has multiple diagnosis, one of which is the challenge of aspergers, but she never lets it stand in her way. She is extremely active in sports and is an exceptional artist. Kodie's simple request was for a special tricycle that would allow her mobility and independence so that she can enjoy the outdoors. She enjoys her life fully, thanks to an extremely supportive family and a sweet optomistic spirit within. Thank you Kodie for being a warrior and sharing your colorful vision with us. You can view Kodie's art on our link and read more about the challenges she overcomes. 84859397 Rishi And Olivia Cook On June 15th, Rishi along with other artist gave a concert and honored Olivia Cook. Olivia is a radiant star, who when challenged with kidney failure, embraced life with a new kidney from Danica Kilander on July 14. She loves art and was presented with an enormous artist kit and money to enjoy her 3 month stay at the Ronald McDonald House, which will allow her to enjoy the Zoo, the Pacific Science Center, the Sea Aquarium and much more. Our greatest hope is that she will have wonderful lasting experiences after a certain amount of pain. That she will be filled with hope, growth, inspiration and love!!! To see Olivia's Story go to or check out our links. 88578746 Rishi's Mom and Peyton Zehler Meet Peyton Zehler, in the summer of 2006 after going through years of kidney failure, Peyton received a new thriving kidney from her Mother, Lorrie Brandt Zehler. She is now striving towards her dreams and goals with great enthusiam. Rishi's Gift Foundation just paid for Peyton to enjoy a two day work shop at Whatcom Community College focused on digital art and building her own fantasy characters. Peyton loves to draw and was also given a drawing kit and money to go towards here artistic dreams. Follow your dreams Peyton and as you create, we will be looking forward to viewing your inspirations. 93624031 Meet Haley Sweetswer On June 10th, Rishi's Gift Foundation attended a benefit concert titled Hugs for Haley at the Showbox in Seattle. Haley is challenged with severe arthritis, severe osteoporosis and a growth hormones disorder. As Haley loves art, Rishi was able to award her with a huge artist kit from Michael's and money towards a watercolor class she longed to take for the summer. To Haley, we pray that your life will always be filled with beautiful color. 93624032