Meet Artist and Others who inspire me!!! Meet Artist and Others who inspire me!!! Afraid of Figs This is a picture with Seattle band, Afraid of Figs, who I joined to raise money for Children's Hospital through the Nightingale guild. 83609067 Lili Haydn This is a picture from The Symphony of the Superhero with the amazing artist, songwriter, singer, violinist, actress and so much more- Lili Haydn. 83609068 Mateo Messina and I composing "I am". This is a picture of award winning Composer Mateo Messina and I working in children's playroom at Children's Hospital in preparation for The Symphony of the Superhero. Mateo's next symphony will be November 5th at BenaRoyal Hall. You can check the Symphony Guild's website above for more details. 83609069 LA. Drummer This is an awesome drummer I met during The Symphony of the Superhero, who was like a big brother. He is part of the LA Drum Collective. 83609070 Mr. Dave and I singing after my kidney transplant. This is Mr. Dave Knott, the music therapist at Children's Hospital, who filled my days with music and joy. 83609071 Rishi and Cheoke'ten (Paul Wagnen) Cheoke'ten is a Native American flutist that Rishi meet at a benefit concert for the Amazon Rain Forest and its indigenous people. Cheoke'ten's latest CD has won great awards and is a soothing delight. 88579195 Rishi and the Chinese wind painter Ted Lew At a benefit concert for the Amazon Rain Forest, Rishi meet this amazing wind painter, who uses the sound of natural whistling to create peaceful music. 88579196 Lily Haydn And Rishi Lili and Rishi meet once again for a benefit concert, but this time the focus is the Amazon Rain Forest and Indigenous Peoples. Lili's last CD is truely amazing and called "Place between Places." You can go to for more info. as she is now working on a new release. 88579197 Luly Yang and Rishi This summer, Rishi has come together with the famous Seattle Fashion Designer Mrs. Luly Yang. She will be designing a one of a kind performance outfit for Rishi, who will join her on October 8th for her extraordinary fashion show at the Sea Aquarium benefiting Seattle Children's Hospital. 93633952 Sanjaya Malakar and Rishi American Idol Finalist and Rishi meet on September 9th while both did a special appearance on New Day Northwest - King 5. Sanjaya has a new release out titled "4am". Both are interested in merging western and eastern music together. 103861211 Margaret Larson and Rishi On October 8th Margaret Larson and Rishi were part of an amazing benefit for Children's Hospital. Rishi performed his new song titled "My Strength." 103861212 Superheroes Here are 5 superheroes banning together for the common good to share their challenges from cancer, heart deformities, kidney failure, severe arthiritis... This benefit raised over 38,000 dollars to go to Children's Hospital. 103861213 David Mcintyre and Rishi Rishi meets CEO of TriWest, Mr. David Mcintyre who helped sponser Luly Yang's amazing Fashion Show with proceeds going to Children's Hospital. 103861214 Mr. David Maloney and Rishi Meet David Maloney who opened up his wonderful recording studio to Afraid of Figs and Rishi as they recorded their new song "Golden" on September 4th. Check it out at 103864148 Chris Bloomquist and Rishi Here is an exceptional saxophone player and vocalist, Chris Bloomquist working in the recording studio with Rishi as Rishi plays his Hu Lu Shi. 103864149 Two Drumming Brothers!!! Here is Retten Steincipher, an amazing musician who can play almost any instrument, working with Rishi as they record the sound of the tabla drums for the song "Golden". 103864150 Rishi and Blake Lewis Rishi and Blake Lewis for the Primal Symphony on November 5th at BenaRoya Hall. All proceeds to help families of Children's Hospital. 105616850 Blake Lewis and family Here is Blake Lewis after beat boxing and singing for Mateo's Primal Symphony. Pictured with him are Leela Trumbo (friend), sister (Shanti), brother (Nirmal) and Rishi. 105616851 Meet Lynn Hall Rishi posing with Lynn Hall, the director of the Northwest Chorale of Seattle. Rishi will be performing with this Choir on Dec. 4th and 11th to raise money to feed those in need. For more info. go to 108678978 Meet Mrs. Bonnie Dean Rishi with Mrs. Bonnie Dean on December 2nd. Rishi was invited to perform for the Bellingham Lion's Club at The Bellingham Country Club and had a fabulous time. Mrs. Bonnie Dean is not only a member of the Lion's Club, but a professional Motivational Speaker. 108680018