Rishi's Gift Foundation


There is a super hero in all of us. One must look deep within...


                            Rishi Nair AKA The Peacful Warrior

 Our mission is to offer special needs kids an opportunity to develop their God given talents, gifts, inspirations and dreams. We are dedicated to assist them in exploring those activities that will bring them joy, dignity and a sense of self worth to combat all the challenges and pain.




cast your dreams upon the smile, observe the beauty of an innocent soul, tender are the

eyes beholding the miracle, yet the tireless whispers you have, come not from within, your earth bound angel hears and feels your love, simple pleasures are the child like things, that your compassionate heart knows, he knows the voice and hears the songs, never tires of your love, he gives you the twinkle in his eyes, enjoys the soft warmth of your palms, never wipe away the tears, cup the moisture of the memories, rub the tender tear drops into the palms, the lotion of love, will always travel , to the heart and soul of the gift, God presented to you. He will always share the joy and love, of being the angel you had dreams of, in the times and minutes of your life. The child will be as you wanted him to be, a son who cherished your love forever.

By: Rich Engelke, author of “Proof of Perfection”Contact: rich1966tx2000@yahoo.com





Happiness is a state of mind no matter what the challenges are......
A strong spirit will steer towards positive thoughts which will result in a happier life.
This is how I as a father of Rishi  sustained the challenges from his birth....
We enjoy life each and every day and cherish every moment of it .
This we try to share with those around us….

                                     By: Mahendran Nair


Please do anything that inspires the heart and soul to have hope. Give the precious little ones a gift from the heart of the parents, who feel lost and need to be thankful for the precious angel. Who smiles and laughs for no reason at all. Because God tickled their thoughts and you can see the impression of love and laughter. Tell my hero to play a song for me. I will feel it in my soul at night as I count my blessings from him and God. 

By: Rich Engelke



                 Meet some of the musicians that Rishi has worked with...



      My light shines...

My light shines... in God's name,

My eyes sparkle like the heavens -- in God's name,

The spirit in me glows--in God's name,

And He said to me -------- feel the essence of joy.......

                                                                                                         by Rishi age 8 


Music and Meditation is Rishi's life.

If anyone is interested, we have been given permission to offer relaxing music and meditation from http://www.freemeditation.com/

Meditation has been proven to have great benefits to health for body, mind and spirit. It can be enjoyed by any race, religion, culture... We are all one in this beautiful tapestry of the Divine.

Thank you for taking the time to share in our life and in Rishi's story. May your every moment be filled with joy...